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From: seth c
Subject: dollar store guy part 2 The Dollar Store Guy -2 By: Sethtubby This story is pure fiction. teen porn fucking blowjobs
Any resemblance to any person, in any shape or
form is purely coincidental. The normal rules apply here. All legal aspects
also apply. This story is copyrighted to the author and can't be used
without his written approval. If you are too young to be reading this then
leave now and come back when you are legal. If you're of legal age then
read on, and I hope you enjoy. E-mail me with your comments.
In memory of JustinCase 1956-2003
I was sitting around the house working ultimate hot teen porn on homework for a college class when
the phone rang. "Hello" I said as I placed the handset to my ear. "Seth, this is Josh", the angel spoke into my ear. "Can I come by later
today?" He asked teen boy porn movie shyly.I blushed at the thoughts that ran thru my head as I heard him ask the
question. "Seth, are you there? Seth?" I heard Josh ask again."Yeah I am here and sure you can stop by. The folks are still out of town."
I replied to him ."Great! I get off work in an hour and I wanted to talk to you about
something." Josh said."Ok! I will be here just doing some reading and homework for school, just
come on by trixie teen free porn when you get off work and we can sit and talk." I told Josh."Great see you in and hour or so. Later dude." then the line was dead.I sat there and thought of the things I would like to ask Josh for a few
minutes and they all came down to two things. Did he like me as much as I
liked him? Did he want to continue to see me?I was startled from my thoughts when someone banged on the door. I free plump teen porn looked
at the clock and an hour had passed since I had spoken to Josh.I went to the door teen sex free
and checked the peephole. There stood an Adonis, pure
and simple.I smiled as I opened the door and asked Josh to come on in. I stepped aside
to allow him entry.I was surprised when he looked at the truck and nodded towards it. "Seth,
can Matt come in also? This involves us all." Josh asks.I look at the truck and my breath caught in my throat. My god there's two
of him."Seth this is Matt, my little brother." Josh spoke to us, "Matt this is
Seth, the guy I told you about last night?"I stood there and looked at Matt and realized that I teen titians porn pics was staring at him
longer than I should have. I could feel the color rise in my face as I
heard Josh said those words. I also noticed that a blush had formed on
Matt's face."Come on in guys and have a seat." I said to them and pointed to the
couch. "Want anything to drink? I have soda, water and beer," I asked them
both."Water is fine, Seth, for both of us." Matt replied for them."This can't be happening". I said to myself as I walk to the kitchen to get
the drinks for us.I grab a beer and down it fast to settle my nerves. Then reach for three
bottles of water.As I came back into the living room I notice they had opened their shirts
to show off their smooth chest and abs."Here ya go guys". I said as I hand them the drinks.I feel a hand grab my wrist and it tugs me into the space between
them. "Josh... Matt what's going on here?' I ask as I fall onto the couch."Seth you have young teen porn index been had, man". Josh laughed as he spoke first."See! That wasn't me at the dollar store that day. It was Matt" Josh said
shyly."What?" I said as I look at them alternately."Yeah! Sorry about that Seth" I heard Matt say from my right. "It was wrong
of me to do that but I like to play games from time to time to see if I can
get an older guy to notice me?" Matt said contritely."Josh told me about what happened between you and him and I feel like I am
left out now, since I started this whole thing." Matt said almost sobbing."You started this how?" I asked Matt."You see I was the one that flashed you at the dollar store that day" Matt
replied as he looked at me with teary eyes.I reached for him and hugged him to me. I felt him shudder as I stroked his
back and felt his heart beat under my roving hand. I hugged him tightly and
then placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed them backward so I could
look into his eyes."Matt I have no hard feelings for you for what you did, if Josh doesn't." I
said as I held him and looked into those hazel eyes. I had to know what
Josh thought of this so I got up and moved to a chair in front of the couch
so I could look at them both."Ok guys! What are we going to do about this?" I asked barly teen gay porn them both."Well we have already made up our minds Seth." Josh looked at me and had a
smirk on his face.I had an uneasy feeling in my gut from the look on my face I knew that they
would be leaving soon and I would never see them again like this.Suddenly I felt hands on both my knees and I looked up at the owners of the
hands. I almost passed out from the thoughts that ran through my head.This can't be happening I thought."Guys are you sure of this?" I said breathing raggedly.They didn't answer my question with words; they moved their hands farther
up my legs, toward the leg openings of my shorts. I grabbed a hand in each
of mine and looked at them."Guys we should talk about this now" I stated firmly."Seth if you aren't sure of this, we can leave?" Josh said and Matt nodded
agreement."Oh! We should talk before anyone leaves." I said.We sat and talked about the things that were important to us. The way that
things are going faster than any of us had hoped or thought they would.Josh, Matt I am not certain of the way this is going. Josh and I had a good
time the other night and I was hoping that we could do that again. Now I am
not sure. I feel foolish for saying this but I was going to ask Josh to
let's try dating each other but now I am not sure."Although I still have feelings for you Josh, I will have them forever. But
this thing that you two are trying is a bit strange. I like the thought but
are you two sure? I wouldn't want to cause hard feelings for either of
you. Do you understand"? I asked them both.I could see the wheels turning in their heads as they look at each other
and I feel uneasy as they grin then lean in and kiss each other, it's not a
normal brotherly kiss on the cheek, it's an open spanking teen porn mouth tongue twirling
passionate kiss.I gasp as I lean back and watch this unbelievable kiss by these two
brothers.I get the feeling I am being left out of this pleasure they are sharing
between them, when suddenly I am being pulled to the couch. I look at them
and they are shirtless now. How and when did this happen I didn't girl teen animal porn see them
remove them.I see the smirks on their faces. And then Matt falls to his knees and leans
into me, planting a deep passionate kiss on my lips.I close my eyes and run my tongue around in Matt's mouth, playing tongue
tag.I feel a hand rubbing my leg, moving closer to my crotch. I can feel a
stirring in my shorts as the hands and tongue work me into frenzy. I break
the hardcore straight teen porn kiss and gasp for breathe. The hand on my leg is still moving around,
moving farther up my leg with each caress.Matt is a real hot kid. He is 17, a year younger than Josh. Matt is a dirty
blonde, hazel eyes, smooth defined chest, and abs that will be rock hard
with more work. His legs are firm. From the looks of things that are hidden
in his short a very nice package hidden in there."Guys hold up a minute ok"? I said raggedly. "I need to think about
this. What this will do to us." I continue."Seth, we have made our minds up about this." Matt said."Right" Josh states."Hey guys let's take a swim and cool off and continue this talk farther
ok?" I said as I get up and move towards the door."Cool with us!" they both said.We went out and jumped in the pool to cool off and relax.We played around in the pool for about an hour or trixie teen free porn
so. Dunking each other
and just free email teen porn horsing around. It was fun to feel them rubbing against me.After we got out of the pool we sat on the lounge chairs and talked about
the day in the dollar store that Matt flashed me. Josh thought it was funny
how I was played that day. He laughed so much he had tears in his eyes. I
told them about the day I went into the grocery store and saw Josh and I
just had to see him again.I looked at the brothers sitting beside 15year young teen porn me and they had almost identical
cocks lying there bouncing and throbbing over their stomachs.There was a line of precum hanging from the heads reaching for the skin at
the navels.I looked at sexy nude teen the cocks and they were very similar, they were both cut,
looked to be around 6 to 7 inches in length and about 5 to 6 inches in
girth, just the right size to suck and fuck, I thought.I asked the free teen porn trailer guys if they ever played together and they looked at me and
grinned. I was confused, then I understood why the grin, and the response
was two hands in my lap tugging on my balls and cock in a rhythm that had
me ooooooooing and aaaaaaahhhhhhhhing in a matter of seconds, the brothers
knew how to take care of each other and someone they cared about.They didn't leave their selves out of the play either, a hand was stroking
a cock and it wasn't the owner's hand. The sight of the brothers teen 1st porn movies jerking
each other and me was taking me to levels I haven't girl teen animal porn
been to before.I had to pull their hands out of my lap and catch my breath, I said guys
let's move this inside. As we got up I had hands all over my back and ass
as these horny guys felt me every step to my room.We made it to the bed and there we had a very good time. They certainly
knew the way to make a guy feel good and cum a lot too.As we were coming down to earth after it all, we started to talk again. I
asked them " guys what made you come here tonight?""You" they both said at the same time."Guys I am pleased, really I am and a bit shocked too," I stammered to
them.I leaned into Josh and kissed him, then was on my way to Matt when the door
opened and my dad yelled, "What the hell is this?"
tbcOk Folks! Here is the next part; I think it's a twist of fate or a really
hot dream.
Your thoughts are welcomed.
Emails are welcome

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